Naturopathic health care covers all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatrics.

naturopathy or alternative medicine from polly clinic

Naturopathic Medicine, or Naturopathy,

is a practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the human mind and body. By integrating conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicines, naturopathy treats the patient's mental, emotional and physical states for a lasting effect.

The foundation of naturopathy is the philosophy of the "healing power of nature". This means that the body has its own healing energy within and with the help of naturopathic treatment; the body can repair itself and recover from illness if it is in a healthy and supportive environment.

Naturopathy is a system of healing that aims to provide holistic or whole body healthcare. It focuses on treating the cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms themselves.

What does naturopathy do?

Natural good health and wellness is the goal of naturopathic treatment. Naturopathic practice is the belief that the body has an inbuilt ability to strive for health. Polly will work with you to promote the natural healing of the body and maintain your body's natural health. Naturopathy is rooted in the belief that health is more than just the absence of disease and works on strengthening the body's natural defences.

How do naturopaths work?

Naturopaths see the symptoms of a disease as the body's defence mechanism attempting to move the person back to a state of health. Polly will work with this process rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

Polly will design a treatment path that meets your body's needs. She may at first advise you on how to remove the underlying causes of the stress that is causing problems in the body. This could involve recommending dietary changes, and encouraging ways of achieving a deeper level of relaxation.

Polly may then suggest ways to nourish and cleanse the body, by suggesting dietary changes that might involve avoiding certain foods, eating certain foods, taking various vitamin, mineral or food supplements, or drinking fruit and vegetable juices.

Ridding the body of accumulated toxins and excess stress is often the first step to returning to natural good health.

What therapies does Polly Clinic use?

As well as nutrition, Polly may use herbal medicines, homoeopathy and relaxation techniques. Polly is also skilled in aromatherapy, bach flower remedies and iridology - a technique in which the iris of the eye is examined to give information about a person's tendency to develop disease.