At Polly Clinic we have a variety of kits available, from first aid, to birth and pregnancy, immunisation and natural wellbeing.


Polly Clinic service and kits can restore and maintain your entire family with good health naturally.

These can be made to order to your requirements.

Discounts given for multiple remedies or box kits.


Homoeopathic Immunisation/Vaccination Alternative Kits

Our Homoeopathic Immunisation kits (Homoeoprophalaxis) provide a safe, pain free alternative to immunisation.

No more painful injections, crying babies and children.
No dangerous reactions.

Immunisation kits come with an information sheet and immunisation registration booklet.

Pregnancy and Birth Kits

Homoeopathic remedies to aid mother and baby from conception to birth.

First Aid Kits

Beautifully boxed remedies useful for those everyday emergencies from allergies and headaches to injuries and common ailments.

These remedies can be made to your specific requirements.

  • Travel: remedies for diarrhoea and vomiting, food poisoning, travel sickness
  • Allergies: cough, colds, sinus, hay fever, hives, rashes
  • Childhood: bites, stings, anxiety, teething, rashes, tantrums
  • Pets: mange, wet ear, nervousness, hot spots