Herbal medicine is the oldest known form of medicine. Herbal plants have been utilised for their medicinal properties by every culture and have historically provided the foundation of medical practice.

herb treatments

Herbal medicine, or phytotherapy, is the science of using medicinal plant remedies to treat and prevent illness and to maintain natural good health.

In general herbal remedies act to integrate and balance the body's physiology and enhance its intrinsic health and vitality. Any condition that is medically treatable, body, mind or spirit will benefit from herbal medicine.

Frequently phytotherapy (herbal remedies) can successfully treat the same diseases that drugs are prescribed for with a much lower risk of side effects, interactions and/or adverse reactions.

Polly Clinic can assess your individual health needs and formulate herbal remedies specifically tailored to aid your natural return to good health.

Polly is trained in both Western and Chinese traditional herbal medicines. These can be administered as powders, teas, herbal infusions or as tincture solutions.

Polly only uses 'organic' substances of the highest Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) standards in her preparations.

The guaranteed potency, quality and effectiveness of the herbal preparation means a more effective and accurate prescribing technique, resulting in a faster, safer, more predictable outcome for the patient.