Quit Smoking

Polly Clinic can help you kick the habit!

Hypnotherapy is a proven way to ‘Stop Smoking’. Simple, effective, no side effects, no patches, no cravings. Simply ‘Stop Smoking’ because you want to!

Don’t put it off for another day. Call and make an appointment and making smoking history.

If Hypnotherapy is not for you, we can provide a naturopathic treatment plan that provides physical and mental and emotional support during the process of stopping smoking. A program can be developed that includes a full naturopathic assessment and individualised treatment plan. Herbal, nutritional or homoeopathic supplements may be recommended to assist you in this process. At Polly Clinic we will address the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine, and the mental and emotional challenges associated with this lifestyle change.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Polly Clinic understands the difficulties associated with addiction. Withdrawal from substance abuse is a very difficult time for all concerned. Help is available.

Polly Clinic is able to offer a myriad of support systems from counselling and nutritional advice, to supplements specifically designed to reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms.