Nutrition refers to both the practice of using foods, vitamins, minerals, etc. to maintain health and their therapeutic use in the treatment of diseases.

fruit and vegetables

Diet, by its Greek definition means the food eaten by an animal to maintain its state of health.

Proper diet and nutrition is the key to good health

The importance of diet to health, especially in the prevention and cure of illness is an integral component of naturopathic treatment.

fruit and vegetables

Foods contain nutrients essential for normal metabolic function. An imbalance in nutrient intake or the consumption of harmful substances is the underlying factor in many chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity, skin conditions such as eczema, irritable bowel (constipation/diarrhoea) and some cancers.

Diet and nutrition can also affect mood, mental balance and capacity and attitude and learning capacity.

By empowering you with knowledge, support, advice and health and a personalised weight management system Polly Clinic can assist you to take control of your eating and lifestyle habits so you can return to good health naturally.

Everyone is different and you may or may not have specific ailments that need special dietary requirements, including weight loss and body shape.

Weight Loss/Weight Gain

Weight loss is the process of losing body mass, usually by means of reducing body fat content. Too much weight can cause additional stress on the body and result in back pain, diabetes and related heart conditions. Polly Clinic can provide advice on ways to achieve weight loss safely and in harmony with your body.

There are many benefits to achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. Furthermore, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can be empowering, contribute to a positive body image and improve self-esteem.

Healthy living and healthy eating should not be thought of as temporary fixes or short-term goals to be discarded after the initial weight is lost. Polly Clinic can design a long-term, healthy-eating and healthy-living plan that fits your individual goals and lifestyle.

Polly Clinic can aid your desire to lose weight and maintain healthy body mass by assessing you as an individual and working out the exact nutrients that you need or have been lacking.

There are many issues surrounding the desire to lose weight. To keep weight off permanently it is often necessary to look at underlying issues that may be causing you to eat in excess of what your body needs. Associated mental imbalances are depression, negative self image, and addiction.

Through tailored healing Polly Clinic clients can help you achieve a more positive body image which will help to relieve mental imbalance and negative patterns in the brain.

Weight gain is not always simply lifestyle related. It can be the result of faulty metabolic process or Endocrine disorders (Thyroid, Cushings etc)

Polly Clinic offers a wide range of diet and weight loss options

  • Ultra Lite weight loss programme and maintenance programme
  • Blood Group diets
  • Nutritional advice and supplementation
  • Herbal preparations to enhance and stimulate metabolism
  • Thyroid management
  • Ongoing motivation and support
  • Nutritional talks and seminars

Ultra Lite

Polly is also a registered practitioner in Ultra Lite. A monitored, proven, weight loss program. Ultra Lite can assist you to safely and rapidly lose weight, while toning the muscles, tissues and skin. The result is firmer, more toned muscles and less 'sag' and 'flab' usually associated with weight loss.

The Ultra Lite programme is designed to tone the liver, effectively improving digestion, assimulation of nutrients and promoting good health and wellbeing.

Ultra Lite is not a meal replacement program. It is designed to assist you to lose weight and keep it off while teaching you what and how to eat.

Once ideal weight has been obtained - Ultra Lite provides a maintenance program designed to keep you motivated and in shape.

Ultra Lite is Not For Everyone!