Want to quit smoking or get a better night's sleep then therapeutic hypnosis might be your answer.

quit smoking with hypnosis

Your subconscious mind controls your habits, desires, fears and anxieties. Not your conscious mind. Hypnotherapy can help alleviate ritualised compulsions (habits) and intrusive anxiety provoking thoughts by exploring your underlying issues and emotions and training your subconscious mind to respond differently to (stressful) stimuli.

Rediscover happiness, fulfilment and inner peace. Reach your true potential by changing your mindset and reactions.

Hypnotherapy can help you feel empowered and it can put you onto a positive path of growth and well-being. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Rachel Leal will work with you to help you uncover your true potential. She will help you to resolve the issues and challenges in your life. Whether you're looking for help to stop smoking or need guidance through a challenging situation, she looks forward to working with you to reach your potential.

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, applying powerful, effective therapeutic Hypnosis Treatments for a range of disorders and conditions. If you suffer from Depression, Anxiety & Stress, Obsessions or Phobias, excessive Drug or Alcohol abuse, Sleep Disorders and Insomnia and Pain or you just want to Quit Smoking , then reclaim your life.

Highly effective, easy and safe Hypnosis Weight Loss treatment for people who have tried everything.

Rachel Leal is a member of AHA. The AHA is the National Registration Body for hypnotherapists and has been the premier association for hypnotherapy and hypnotherapists since 1949, it is the oldest and largest hypnotherapy organisation in Australia. Registration with such a professional body reflects a hypnotherapist’s willingness to demonstrate to the public a strong desire to be accountable. Registration is the only formal process that members of the public can rely on in relation to standards and accountability.

Consultation Fees: $120 per hour (one on one)